Business Insurance

Business Insurances for all requirements

Ireland Insurance offers a range of business insurance protection plans to suit your business requirements. Every business faces its own set of risks with which we can help you. We can arrange a tailored business insurance protection plan that works for your business, and if things do go wrong then we’ll go all out to get you back on track as soon as possible. With Ireland Insurance, we can’t prevent the unexpected happening but we can help you protect against the affects of it on your business.

Pension Term

Protect your family's future in the event of your death occurring before you retire

Corporate Co-Directors

Allows the company to buy back shares owed by a director who has died by providing funds from life assurance

Partnership Insurance

Buy back the share in the partnership from the partner's personal representatives on death or a serious illness


Allow the remaining directors to buy back shares upon death of a director

Business Keyperson

Replace the loss of profit and income due to the death or serious illness

Inheritance Tax Planning

Provide the funds for your family to pay tax arising in the event of your death

Commercial Insurance

Protection against damage to property, theft and liability