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Pension Life Assurance

Pension Life Assurance

There are two types of Pension Life Assurance which are Personal Pension Term and Executive Pension:

Personal Pension Term the primary purpose is to cover the life insured against death. The policy is a regular premium protection plan. The benefit of the policy is the provision of a tax free lump sum on death of the life insured within the insurance term. This type of protection cover is applicable to self employed business people and employees that do not have a pension. For Personal Pension you are covered to the retirement age you select. Pension Term cover may be ideal to lower your current life assurance costs.

Executive Pension this plan offers the same financial protection and is geared toward self employed or those not in pensionable employment. For Executive Pension Term you are covered to the normal retirement age of your employer's pension scheme however there are restrictions on the level of cover provided.

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